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Documentary film 'Letter for Sarajevo' about the Alzace-Sarajevo convoy screened in Sarajevo

FENA Press release, Photo: muzej književnosti

SARAJEVO, March 19 (FENA) - The documentary film 'Letter for Sarajevo' from 1993 about the Alzace-Sarajevo convoy was shown yesterday at the Museum of Literature and Performing Arts of BiH at the Sarajevo Winter International Festival. Laurent Mazurier and Dominique Siedlaczek are the authors of the film and it was produced by France 3.

After the screening, the visitors had a chance to meet with the photographer Jean-Claude Hatterer, the author of the photo exhibition "Europe–Alsace–Sarajevo 1993", which was installed in the Museum's gallery in mid-February. The conversation with Hatterer was moderated by the director of the Festival, Ibrahim Spahić, the Museum of Literature and Performing Arts of BiH announced.
According to Hatterer, who returned to Sarajevo several times after the 1993 convoy, the organization of the convoy lasted two months. A convoy of 35 trucks and 25 smaller vehicles left Strasbourg in February 1993 and arrived in Sarajevo two weeks later, carrying 350 tons of goods.
“We headed on that uncertain journey and had numerous difficulties, which can be seen in this 23-minute film. The Army of the Republika Srpska (VRS) stopped us at the entrance to Sarajevo and demanded part of the goods. Since the passage of the convoy was in question, we had to leave goods from as many as seven trucks, but we tried to make sure that those trucks that we left were the ones with the smallest amount of food and hospital supplies. For me, the most important thing is that when we returned to France, our testimonies, photos, and videos from wartime Sarajevo contributed to the organization of several more humanitarian convoys,” said Jean-Claude Hatterer.
Ibrahim Spahić said that he was proud that the film about the humanitarian convoy was shown in Sarajevo after three decades, and he was especially grateful to Jean-Claude Hatterer who took the time to come to Sarajevo again.
Director of the French Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jean-Christophe Thiabaud, pointed out the importance of maintaining the long-established ties between Bosnia and Herzegovina and France.

“After 30 years, France is part of a big project together with Italy, Germany, Austria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is an Erasmus plus solidarity project. These young people are our common future,” said Thiabaud.

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