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Operated patient from Tešanj negative for Covid-19, new test on Monday

Text: Vehid Begunić, FENA Photo/Vehid Begunić

ZENICA, March 28 (FENA) - The first coronavirus control test done yesterday in a patient from Tešanj, who underwent surgery at the Zenica Cantonal Hospital during the week, came back negative, confirmed to FENA Dr. Ednan Drljević, Head of Department for Infectious Diseases at the Zenica Cantonal Hospital. 

Drljević, however, points out that nothing will change in the treatment of that patient, that is, he will stay in the hospital.

Of course, we are glad the test came back as negative, but that doesn't mean much. He was receiving a therapy given worldwide to coronavirus patients and his test was negative yesterday, but we will repeat it in 48 hours.

We will probably repeat the test on Monday," Drljevic said, noting that the patient is now more at risk due to abdominal problems, which caused him to have the surgery to begin with.

He added that three of their patients who were cured of coronavirus will be monitored for the next 30 days and, after a new test after that period, they will be given permission to exit the special measures regime.