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Government of Japan donates a bus to 'Mostar Bus' company, people with disabilities can use it

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MOSTAR, January 24 (FENA) – The Government of Japan donated a new and environmentally friendly bus worth 155,000 KM to the City of Mostar and the company ‘Mostar Bus’. 

“Mostar is one of the most important tourist destinations in BiH, and we know that 1.15 million people, including citizens of Mostar and tourists from all over the world, use public transport services every year, and we recognize the importance of improving public transport services in this city,” said the Ambassador of Japan to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kinefuchi Masami, at the ceremony of handing over the new bus.

He recalled that Japan donated 36 buses to Mostar in 2002, with a total value of 6.8 million euros, of which 30 are still in use today.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina has achieved economic recovery and development, and it is difficult to provide large-scale grants as in the past, but after consideration, we decided to donate one new bus worth 155,000 KM through the small-scale grant program implemented by the Embassy of Japan. Although this is a small contribution, we believe that this bus will be useful in the daily needs of people in this city,” said the Japanese Ambassador.

He added that it is important that the new vehicle is environmentally friendly.

Mayor of Mostar, Mario Kordić, thanked the ambassador and the Japanese Government for this generous donation.

“We have finally finished this project, which we have been working on together with the Japanese Government since last year. This is all in the context of the commitment of the city administration to place public city transport where it should be. You are all aware that during the coronavirus pandemic, the company "Mostar Bus" was one of the most affected city companies, and I am glad that we are seeing some progress in recovery,” said Kordić.

Director of the company "Mostar Bus" Damir Marić also thanked the Japanese Government, as well as Mayor Kordić, who was the initiator of this donation.

Unlike other city buses, the new bus offers accessibility services for people with a disability or reduced mobility. 

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