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Radončić holds video consultation with BiH police directors and commissioners

Press release , Photo/Ministry of Security of BiH

SARAJEVO, April 3 (FENA) - The BiH Security Minister Fahrudin Radončić held a two-hour video consultation today with all police directors and commissioners in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Directors of the Border Police of BiH, SIPA, Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies, Service for Foreigners Affairs, Director of the FBiH Police Administration and Director of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the entity of Republika Srpska, Chief of Police of the Brčko District and ten Ccntonal police commissioners, all participated in the video conference.

"We noted one indisputable fact that BiH, as observed by our foreign partners, responded well to the crisis, not only in the security segment but also in all other segments of the fight against coronavirus pandemic," said Radončić.

"We now have a situation where 72 police officers are in isolation. Practical scenarios have been agreed upon how certain teams, if the virus entered the police force, would take over the jobs of others and how certain facilities would alternate. Also, we underlined the importance of preserving this state where the virus has not entered the migrant population and migrant centers where we have more than 6,500 people," said Radončić.

He added that, thanks to the Foreigners Affairs Service, which does a great job and the triage, it was not allowed for migrants from one canton to mix with those from another and increase the risk of coronavirus spread.

"It is up to us, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Foreigner Affairs Service and others who work with migrants to try to preserve the state we have now," said the Minister of Security.

He says he is aware that some agencies, on the FBiH or other levels, have formed teams to combat cybercrime and instigation of panic among the population.

"Also, pharmaceutical industry anti-crime teams have been formed the state level, and this is where Interpol helps us. I believe we will soon see our police officers with protective visors. Police agencies have procured the equipment from our domestic factories, which have started to produce these very important means of self-protection," said Radončić.

Radončić noted that all police structures would continue to be responsible to the very maximum in this highly important job, to make people who do not want to respect the decisions of crisis staffs to do so, and if not, they should now they will be prosecuted," said Minister Radončić in a video statement.