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Novalić: We will protect everyone who lose their job due to pandemic crisis

Press release

SARAJEVO, March 26 (FENA) - FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić says the FBiH Government will support all workers who lose their jobs due to the pandemic crisis.

“I understand that some politicians and public figures do not understand the difference between the term redundancy and the increase in unemployment. But I believe that citizens understand this difference. Namely, not only those who will be laid off will be left without work, but also all those who will lose their jobs because of this crisis without being fired. For instance all workers whose contract has expired or those self-employed, who lose their jobs, and no one has fired them,” said Novalić.

So, unfortunately, we will have, according to the Prime Minister, a much larger number of people who will lose their jobs than the number of those fired.

“However, I guarantee that the Government, through employment services, as well as through the Special Fund for Supporting the Economy, will help all those who lose their jobs. No one should be left without any benefits. However, I urge all employers to do their best to keep their workers, because the Government will certainly help them. Just as we will be rigorous towards those who do not show sufficient willingness to keep workers, if they can, and to show social responsibility,” emphasizes Novalić.

Running economy is much more complex than some people understand, the Prime Minister said, and therefore urges citizens to trust the Government, the Government's Crisis Staff for economy and our expert groups.