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The second generation of BiH diaspora visit US embassy and speak about their work experiences

FENA Press release, Photo: USAID Diaspora Invest Project

SARAJEVO, August 30 (FENA) - Young people who belong to the second generation of the BiH diaspora and representatives of the Alumni Network #WelcomeBack, who were on an internship in Bosnia and Herzegovina this summer, visited the US Embassy in Sarajevo.


Through the USAID "Diaspora Invest" project, supported by the US Government, they achieved their first work experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the conversation with Courtney Chubb, Director of the USAID Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they reflected on their own experiences and plans for the next period.

"These inspiring young people from the Bosnian diaspora just spent a month working for companies here in Sarajevo, where they exchanged ideas, knowledge and experiences, reconnecting with their heritage. This is just the beginning of lasting ties and cooperation with the global family of Bosnians and Herzegovinians," said the USAID Mission Director Courtney Chubb.

Ajla Mandal, who spent the summer working for the IT company ZenDev, presented her view of the working atmosphere in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"I researched the potential of digital nomads and other strategies to encourage the influx of talent, both domestic and international, to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I realized the many advantages of working here and how we, the diaspora, can enrich the country with our experiences gained in the USA," said Mandal.

Referring to her experience in the fashion industry in New York, Edvina Ikeljić emphasized her connection with the diaspora.

"After this experience, I realized how much knowledge and skills I could transfer from the USA back to Bosnia and Herzegovina. My time at Intuitiva was invaluable and I will continue to use the experience as I return to the US. The relationship will remain," she stated.

Amir Dedeić from Canada emphasized the importance of recognizing young people from the diaspora who do not have BiH citizenship, warning that he knows a large number of those who would like to participate in such programs, but it is an obstacle for them.

"The contribution of every member of the diaspora, regardless of citizenship, deserves recognition. Especially focusing on the second generation whose ancestors are connected to Bosnia and Herzegovina. My involvement in the Ministry of Programming revealed an abundance of talent here, making the experience really interesting," recalled Dedeić.

Ilma Grbo, who was engaged in the Faveda company, shared her story about working in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"The company trusted me to prepare materials adapted to the German-speaking demographic. I also actively participated in product development, enjoying the independence and freedom to follow my interests," she said.

Nadia Selimović, who is currently gaining experience at nLogic, emphasized how much she learned about energy efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"I am extremely glad to see how much work is being invested in this area in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This experience gave me insight into the local business climate. Through my internship at nLogic, I now see how I could live and contribute here," she said. 

This meeting confirmed that young people from the diaspora have a key role in shaping the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing new knowledge, experiences and opportunities for cooperation.

USAID plans to launch more #WelcomeBack initiatives next summer and continue working with young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina around the world, said the USAID's Diaspora Invest Project.

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