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Konaković: Germany is indeed an important and reliable partner of BiH in all segments

FENA Fedzad Forto, Photo: PIXSELL

BERLIN/SARAJEVO, June 16 (FENA) - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Elmedin Konaković, today expressed his satisfaction after meeting with German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock in Berlin, pointing out that this is proof that Bosnia and Herzegovina is regaining its rightful place on the diplomatic scene.

"We received a positive response very quickly for the bilateral meeting. There is no need to talk much about how important and reliable partner Germany is to BiH in all segments," Konaković said in an interview with FENA from Berlin.

As he pointed out, Germany is the most important partner of BiH in terms of trade, and they are the fifth investor in BiH, which also shows the importance of good relations. He also emphasized the importance of security for the entire Western Balkans, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They also discussed the further improvement of relations. Konaković says that there are some new opportunities for investments, for the creation of new jobs in BiH, as well as the segment of dual citizenship.

He added that they had some announcements from earlier that Germany could soon solve the problem of BiH nationals renouncing our to get German citizenship, which would be a very important message for us.

He stressed that it is very important that the BiH Council of Ministers has already adopted some documents "that were waiting in the drawers, and which were very well received here".

Before the meeting with Baerbock, the Head of BiH diplomacy met with representatives of the BiH diaspora.

"In each of our official visits to all countries, we try to gather Bosnians and Herzegovinans who represent associations or individuals and we talk with them about ties with the homeland and the problems they encounter in foreign countries, and about what the Ministry could do for them," said Konaković.

He emphasizes that there are several hundred thousand people in Germany who are citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and there is no information on how many have already renounced their citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He assessed that it was a very pleasant conversation, because "these are smart people who are successful, who positioned themselves, and are well educated".

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