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Munsch, Helez and Goganović: Cooperation between BiH and NATO in the function of peace and stability

FENA Press release, Photo: Ministarstvo odbrane BiH

SARAJEVO, June 2 (FENA) - The Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zukan Helez, together with the Deputy for Resource Management Aleksandar Goganović, today received the Commander of the Joint Command of NATO Forces (JFC) based in Naples, US Admiral Stuart Munsch, on an official visit. 

The meeting was also attended by the Commander of the NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, Brigadier General Pamela McGaha, Assistant Minister of Defense of BiH for International Cooperation Zoran Šajinović, Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Defense of BiH Salko Beba and other associates.

The interlocutors discussed the activities and development plans of the Armed Forces of BiH, cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), as well as the security situation in Europe.

He informed Admiral Munsch of the fact that the military budget of BiH was increased by 28 percent for the first time, which was used to improve the status of members of the Armed Forces of BiH.

As commander of NATO's southern wing, Admiral Munsch emphasized that security challenges in Europe require the strengthening of defense capacities and expressed the importance of further supporting the development of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In this regard, he pointed out that NATO's initiative to strengthen the security and defense capacities of BiH, activities within NATO's Partnership for Peace program, as well as further participation in international peacekeeping missions, will help.

After the meeting at the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Admiral Munsch also visited the Joint Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, announced the Public Relations Office of the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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