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Helez and Locher on partnership and bilateral military cooperation between BiH and the US

FENA Press release, Photo: Ministarstvo odbrane

SARAJEVO, June 1 (FENA) - The Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zukan Helez, today received the first chairman of the former BiH Defense Reform Commission, James Locher.


Locher once presided over a body of domestic and foreign officials, who through active work and agreement created the circumstances for the establishment of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of BiH (OSBiH) and created the Law on Defense of BiH.

Helez expressed the greatest respect to the guest for the work that resulted in a reasonable compromise, on the basis of which the reform of the defense system is still considered the most successful reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"Your vision and ability to find solutions to complex challenges made you the progenitor of today's Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which we rightly call the better part of Bosnian society. Our Armed Forces work for the benefit of all citizens of our country, and they proudly and successfully represent us in international peacekeeping missions," said Helez.

The minister's guest emphasized the courage possessed by the local members of the BiH Defense Reform Commission when making key decisions in the creation of the Armed Forces of BiH.

He expressed satisfaction with the fact that progress can be observed in the further development of the BiH defense system.

Locher was particularly interested in the process of bilateral military cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States of America and the direction in which that cooperation could develop further.

The BiH Minister of Defense Zukan Helez emphasized the enormous importance that the partnership with the USA brings to Bosnia and Herzegovina on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration and that this particularly applies to the cooperation between the defense ministries of these two countries. 

The meeting was also attended by the chief military-political adviser of the NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, Christian Haupt, and the head of the office of the Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Salko Beba, stated the Public Relations Office of the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(FENA) S. R.

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