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Sarajevo Canton gets a new government, which will be led by Prime Minister Nihad Uk

FENA Kanita Aliagić, Photo: Amer Kajmović

SARAJEVO, March 24 (FENA) - The Sarajevo Canton Assembly today confirmed the composition of the new cantonal government headed by Nihad Uk, with 22 votes "for", 10 "against" and two "abstentions". The Prime Minister and ministers also took a solemn oath in front of the members of the Assembly.

Darja Softić Kadenić from Our Party will be the Minister of Justice and Administration, Haris Vranić from the SDP BiH is the new Minister of Health, Almir Bečarević from the Party for BiH is the Minister of Communal Economy, Infrastructure, Spatial Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection, Adnan Šteta from the SDP BiH is the Minister of Transport, and Enda Pavić Pečenković from SDP BiH will be the Minister of Labour, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees.

Also, Admir Katica from NiP will be the Minister of Internal Affairs, Zlatko Mijatović from NiP is the Minister of Economy, Naida Hota-Muminović from NiP will be the Minister of Education, Pavle Krstić from Our Party is Minister of Science, Higher Education and Youth, Kenan Magoda from the SDP BiH will  be the Minister of Culture and Sports, Emir Dedović from the Party for BiH is the Minister of Finance, while Omer Osmanović from the NiP will be the Minister for Veteran Affairs.

At the same session, the cantonal MPs will vote for a proposal to appoint a new vice-chairwoman of the Assembly, Jelena Pekić, instead of Igor Stojanović, due to his appointment as vice-president of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also at the session, two MP positions have also been awarded - to Belma Kapo from the SDP BiH, and Mersiha Mehmedagić from NiP.


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