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Izetbegović: SDA is obliged to respond to every negative politics and trend

FENA Hasan Selhanović, Photo: Harun Muminović

SARAJEVO, March 19 (FENA) - President of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), Bakir Izetbegović, addressed the media after yesterday's session of the Main Board of that party and referred to the US sanctions imposed on a party official and former director of Intelligence and Security Agency (OSA), Osman Mehmedagić.

He stated that these are baseless claims made for 'only political reasons'.
"Those are only judgments, they put a label on you and then you wear it. Some people deserve sanctions, but some without any reason, or for purely political reasons and needs, without presenting evidence and allowing the other side to answer,” said Izetbegović.
He reminded that Hasan Čengić was the first member of the SDA to be placed on the "blacklist".
"A respected man, who went to prison fighting against the communist dictatorship, the president of the Assembly of the Islamic Community of BiH for many years. Why was he placed on the "blacklist" with those responsible for genocide? Why is decorated policeman Osman Mehmedagić placed on the same US blacklist as those from a drug cartel? On what basis is the US doing this without evidence? We are waiting for evidence. We cannot agree on the fact that the gossips from the Sarajevo restaurants or cafes seem convincing to the ambassador, that he conveys it to the State Department and then to act according to that,” said Izetbegović.
He stated that severe accusations against SDA were made nine months ago, which were not proven.
He pointed out that injustices are based on lies and that they are asking SDA to participate in "an unjust development of historical events".
Referring to the non-formation of institutions in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Izetbegović said that the SDA has the strongest component and that at this time, there are at least 38 MPs in the House of Representatives who stand with Refik Lendo, who represents the Bosniaks.
The President of SDA asked why the international community has been dealing only with the Bosniak factor for a long time.
"Why didn't the international community deal more with Milorad Dodik, who uttered a hundred insults, which undermines the position of the high representative, awards Putin, who made a militant celebration of the forbidden January 9 and anti-constitutional referendum? Should we back down from that? The SDA is obliged to respond to every negative politics and trend. We defended this country from the superior JNA and defended it. We will defend it from these unjust policies. Now they will face a tough structure of the SDA, which will not punish itself, replace its president, or all those scenarios they imagined SDA would do. The SDA will oppose these policies, including the policies of part of the international community,” said Izatbegović.
The president of the SDA referred to the formation of the government in the Una-Sana Canton.
"What happened in the Una-Sana Canton is very important, it reconciles the people of Krajina. I think that this whole thing will move from the eight (political parties) to some three, four, five, which will gather around the SDA, that is, around the policies of SDA, which are patriotic, which do not calculate, which do not flatter themselves, and which oppose anyone who strikes to this country," concluded Izetbegović.

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