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FBiH Red Cross launches a campaign 'You are not alone' for women and girls in Turkey and Syria

FENA Press release, Photo: Crveni križ FBiH

SARAJEVO, March 2 (FENA) - The Red Cross of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina launched a campaign "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" for women and girls in Turkey and Syria whose goal is to collect as many basic hygiene packages as possible for women and girls who have been left without their homes, and at least for a short time, alleviate their suffering.

The set should contain soap, shampoo, shower gel, wet wipes, menstrual pads, toothbrush and toothpaste, stick deodorant, lip balm, nail clipper and ear sticks.

"It is necessary that the items in the set are new and packed in a box. The box can also be a used one, we probably all have that in our house, but also any other kind. Also, if someone wants, they can write a letter or a note, which they will insert together with the products, and which will reach some of the women from these two countries," emphasized the spokeswoman of the FBiH Red Cross Indira Kriještorac.

From that organization, an appeal was sent to all companies and business entities, as well as individuals who are able to join the campaign, so that the support reaches as many women and girls as possible.

"You can leave your support packages at the local Red Cross organization. The campaign will last the whole month of March, considering that it is the month in which International Women's Day is also celebrated," stated the FBiH Red Cross.

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