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Islamic Community in BiH collects seven million KM for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

FENA Hasan Selhanović, Photo: Amer Kajmović

SARAJEVO, February 27 (FENA) - The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina has so far collected a total of seven million KM for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, it was announced today at a press conference at the headquarters of the Islamic Community in Sarajevo.

Head of the Office for Social Care of the Riyasat of the Islamic Community and a member of the IC Riyasat Crisis Staff for helping victims of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, Ibrahim ef. Malanović, said that Bosniaks in BiH and the diaspora, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the Islamic Community, collected a total of seven million KM that Riyasat will donate to the people of Turkey and Syria according to the instructions of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in BiH and the Office for Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD).

He pointed out that the Islamic Community launched a humanitarian hotline, including the campaign "From Bosniaks with love", and on February 10 organized collecting donations in the homeland and in the diaspora, where multi-million funds were collected.

Presenting the results of these activities, Malanović also reminded that the Islamic Community in coordination with the Muslim Charity (MDD) "Merhamet" issued a proclamation to the citizens, and a campaign was launched to collect warm clothes, shoes, hygiene items and everything else necessary for the injured people.

In addition to the above, the Islamic Community assisted the Mountain Rescue Service of the Federation of BiH (GSS) in financing the costs of transporting rescuers from BiH to the areas affected by the earthquakes to help the people under the ruins as soon as possible.

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