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FBiH Red Cross sends humanitarian aid to Turkey

FENA Press release, Photo: Crveni križ Federacije BiH

SARAJEVO, February 19 (FENA) - The Red Cross of the Federation of BiH sent humanitarian aid to Turkey yesterday for the establishment of reception centers for the people who have been left without their homes.

The donation includes tents, folding beds and chairs, aggregates, heaters, sleeping bags and other priority items that the Red Cross structure, together with citizens, collected based on the needs of the Turkish Red Crescent.
This is the first part of the humanitarian aid worth about 500,000 KM, and the delivery of the second part of the equipment is already planned for next week.
“In addition to the delivery of this equipment, the FBiH Red Cross team will meet with our colleagues, professionals and volunteers of the Red Crescent of Turkey in Gaziantep, who work every day to mitigate the consequences of this devastating earthquake,” the Secretary General of the FBiH Red Cross Namik Hodžić said.
Since the start of the campaign, about 340,000 KM have been collected through bank accounts and humanitarian numbers.
The activities of the Red Cross will continue in the coming period to help the vulnerable population of Turkey and Syria.

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