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Stojanović: Process of FBiH Government formation is going well 

FENA Darinka Mitrović, Photo: Amer Kajmović

SARAJEVO, February 16 (FENA) - The House of Representatives of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed the list of candidates for the election of the president and vice presidents of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina today at the extraordinary session.

The list includes Refik Lendo (Party of Democratic Action) from the Bosniak people, Lidija Bradara (Croat Democratic Union of BiH) from the Croats and Igor Stojanović (Social Democratic Party of BiH) from the ranks of the Serb people.

Stojanović said after the session that they first expect confirmation of this decision in the afternoon at the session of the House of Peoples, followed by their agreement on who is the president and who are the vice presidents of the Federation of BiH, and then follows the procedure regarding the formation of the FBiH Government.

“According to the political agreement, I expect that the majority will propose a prime minister-designate and the Government to the President of FBiH, and I think that the collection of signatures and the political agreement on the government formation are going quite well and that we will have the agreement within 30 days,” Stojanović pointed out.

When asked whether the SDP will have four ministerial positions, Stojanović replied that from the information so far, he believes that the SDP will have four ministries and added that he cannot speak precisely about the portfolios at the moment.

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