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Rao: Our Kashmiri brothers must have their democratic, humanitarian and legal rights (VIDEO)

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SARAJEVO, February 3 (FENA) – Kashmir Solidarity day is marked on February 5 every year to express solidarity with the people affected by India's illegal occupation of Jammu (Jimmu) and Kashmir (IIOJK), and to honor the Kashmiris who selflessly sacrificed themselves in defense of freedom.

To mark the Kashmir Solidarity Day, a special event was held at the Embassy of Pakistan in Sarajevo today.

The event was attended by members of the Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora who are residents in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On this occasion, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized an event where the need for more effective involvement of international institutions in solving the issues burdening the mentioned region and resolutely protecting the human rights of its inhabitants was highlighted once again.

The Ambassador of IR Pakistan in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Akhtar Jamil Rao stressed the importance of marking the Day of Solidarity with Kashmir by pointing out that Pakistanis and Kashmiris all over the world mark this date every year.

"The purpose of this is to draw the world's attention to the injustice and brutality in the Indian-occupied regions of Jammu and Kashmir. This has long been a contentious issue between Pakistan and India. India has continuously denied the right to self-determination. They have about a million soldiers deployed in Kashmir, who are carrying out a reign of terror,"  Ambassador Rao said in a statement to FENA.

He noted that hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris were killed, more than ten thousand women were raped or sexually abused, and more than eight thousand people had been found in mass graves.

"My Bosnian brothers and sisters truly understand this, because they themselves went through torture during the war in this country. Now is the time for all Kashmiris to raise their voice to be heard by the international community and they must be given a choice to declare whether they will belong to Pakistan or India," said resolutely the Pakistani Ambassador.

At the same time, he told his Kashmiri brothers around the world that Pakistan is fully committed to their right to self-determination, stating that it strongly condemns the crimes committed by India, and especially the current regime in power in New Delhi.

"We will never abandon our Kashmiri brothers and we will ensure that God willing, they get their democratic, humanitarian and legal rights," declared Ambassador Rao.

Addressing the guests, he reminded how more than three years have passed since August 5, 2019, when India took unilateral and illegal actions aimed at changing the internationally recognized disputed status of the IIOJK and changing the demographic structure of the occupied territory.

He also warned that the residents of that region are exposed to violations of the UN Charter, the Fourth Geneva Convention, as well as various UN resolutions on Kashmir.

"On the Day of Solidarity with Kashmir, Pakistan calls on the international community to hold India responsible for all its atrocities and crimes against humanity," said the Pakistani Ambassador.

Ambassador Rao emphasized that the international community, international human rights organizations, and particularly the United Nations and its human rights mechanism should take cognizance of the human rights violations being committed by Indian Occupation Forces in the IIOJK and ensure a peaceful resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in accordance with the relevant UNSC resolutions as well as the wishes of the Kashmiri people.

During the above-mentioned event, a special documentary on Kashmiri was also screened. In addition, a photo exhibition to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day was also held on this occasion.


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