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Kasumović: The process of government formation at all levels will be unblocked

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ZENICA, January 4 (FENA) - The leaders of the 'Eight', who today held a six-hour long meeting at the headquarters of the City Administration of Zenica, announced that they continue working on the process of forming the government at all levels and that they will hold a meeting with Milorad Dodik (SNSD) and Dragan Čović (HDZ) as soon as possible. 

The host of the meeting was Fuad Kasumović, the mayor of Zenica and the president of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Initiative - Kasumović Fuad, who noted that this was just one of the working meetings.

He pointed out that the topic of today's meeting was "some incorrect statements", but not within the ‘Eight’.

“We need to have good judiciary, capable and brave prosecutors, who will file criminal charges against each of us if needed,” said Kasumović.

If the state depended on Milorad Dodik, Kasumović pointed out, "it would not have existed long ago", but "neither will it ever depend nor has it depended".

“I must be honest and tell you that the international community has been creating organized chaos here for 30 years. Nobody else, no third party,” said Kasumović, who announced the new decision of the High Representative Christian Schmidt, which will unblock the process of forming the government at all levels.

“I'll tell you a secret. There won't be any problems with the House of Peoples (Parliament of the Federation of BiH). Changes in regulations of the appointments will follow very quickly,” announced Kasumović.

President of the Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nermin Nikšić, said that they believed that before "nominating a candidate for the BiH Council of Ministers", they should have another conversation with the signatories of the agreement to improve the environment for the implementation of the agreement and the principles from the agreement.

“We will organize meetings as soon as possible to meet all the necessary deadlines to continue when it comes to appointing new convocation of the Council of Ministers because the BiH CoM chair has been appointed and practically, the deadlines for the appointment of the Council of Ministers of BiH are running,” said Nikšić.

The agreement for the formation of government at the state level, he underlined, is not questionable, but "some moves are".

An additional round of consultations will be necessary, he added, to submit the names of candidates for the composition of the BiH Council of Ministers. 

“We agreed to talk with our partners about the created environment and to see how things will develop in the coming period. The deadlines are very short because we also have legal deadlines,” noted Nermin Ogrešević, President of the People's European Alliance (NES).

In response to the statement that Milorad Dodik repeated today that it was never disputed that the state property on the territory of Republika Srpska belongs to that entity, Ogrešević said that no one expects that "they can change people with a magic wand", but that everyone must adhere to the signed coalition agreement and work on improving the environment.

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