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SDS Assembly accepts resignations of former president Mirko Šarović and SDS Presidency

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BIJELJINA, December 12 (FENA) - The Assembly of the Serb Democratic Party yesterday adopted amendments to the SDS Statute, which define the party to be much more operational, faster, and more energetic and which simplify the party's structure, said acting SDS president Milan Miličević, after the session of the Assembly in Bijeljina yesterday. 

In his address to the journalists, Miličević said that changes to the Statute would enable the party to become more operational on the ground.

“Operational staffs are being formed at the level of the SDS Presidency, at the level of municipalities and cities, which will consist of individuals who know every person and every local committee. Such teams become election headquarters during the election campaign,” Miličević explained.

He said that, among other things, the SDS Assembly adopted one of the earlier demands of the SDS Women's Club, that 40 percent of women should be in all party bodies, wherever possible.

In addition, he adds that the SDS Assembly accepted the resignations of former president Mirko Šarović and the SDS Presidency, who resigned.

“Thus, the Assembly accepted what the Main Board decided on November 26 in Banja Luka, namely that the acting presidency is the team that I proposed, and that they are the ones with whom SDS will enter the internal party elections and who will lead the party in political work,” said Miličević.

He stated that the amendments to the SDS Statute now stipulate that the party will have three vice presidents and that it will have a much more efficient structure of the party presidency.

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