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APIK Director: We want a strong partnership with prosecutor's offices in BiH


SARAJEVO, November 23 (FENA) - Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and Coordination of the Fight Against Corruption (APIK) of Bosnia and Herzegovina wants to establish a strong partnership and improve cooperation with contact points in prosecutor's offices throughout BiH, it was pointed out at the round table held today in Vitez. 

The organization of this round table, in which representatives of the APIK and prosecutor's offices in BiH participated, was supported by the USAID Mission in BiH through the Justice Against Corruption project.

“One of APIK's responsibilities is to receive reports with indications of corrupt behavior and to forward such reports to prosecutors. We are obliged to inform those who report potential corruption about the results of those reports. Precisely for this reason, the cooperation of the APIK and the prosecutor's offices in BiH must be continuous,” said the director of the APIK, Elvis Kondžić.

The participants of the round table agreed that it is necessary to facilitate the reporting of potential corruption. One of the ways is to improve APIK's unique form for reporting corruption, available on this institution's website, and to prepare adequate instructions for filling out that form.

“We are glad that we were able to support APIK's initiative, which aims to improve cooperation with the prosecutor's offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We hope that everything agreed upon today will contribute to the establishment of permanent and good communication between APIK and the prosecutor's offices. We are here to support our partner prosecutor's offices in the fight against corruption,” said the director of USAID's Judiciary against Corruption project in BiH, Biljana Potparić-Lipa.

The Judiciary Against Corruption Project in BiH is a five-year initiative of the USAID Mission in BiH, the goal of which is to strengthen the capacity of the judiciary to effectively prosecute perpetrators of high-level corruption, economic and organized crime, as well as prevent corruption in judicial institutions and strengthen their integrity.

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