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BHK CIGRE: Strengthen resources for better prevention and fight against cyber attacks

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SARAJEVO, September 26 (FENA) - Bosnia and Herzegovina lost a lot of time in the process of establishing cyber security, but there is still a possibility to shorten that path and reach the desired goal, it was pointed out at the round table during the discussion dedicated to cyber security in power companies. 

Bosnia-Herzegovina Committee of the International Council on Large Electric Systems (BHK CIGRE) organized this meeting and insisted on the use of new standards, which will enable connection with cyber security tools and the establishment of automatic management of security controls. It is also necessary to introduce a defense system against cyber attacks using digital platforms for information exchange to implement digital cyber security ecosystems.

“We have experts, but the question is whether it is a sufficient number and what is the position of companies to tackle this task,” BHK CIGRE President Edhem Bičakčić told FENA, after the conclusions of this meeting were made public.

Experts in this field suggest providing the necessary funds for these purposes, speeding up the process of public procurement, establishing communication between operators of critical services and employing educated personnel who will work on cyber security.

In this way, the professional staff would be able to take care of cyber security hygiene in companies. At the end of the conclusions, the need to open departments and postgraduate studies at educational institutions is emphasized because we are talking about experts for whom there will be an increasing need.

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