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The 30th anniversary of the closing of Omarska concentration camp

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PRIJEDOR, August 7 (FENA) -  The 30th anniversary of the closure of the Omarska concentration camp near Prijedor was marked yesterday. The commemoration was organized by the war camp detainees association 'Prijedor 92', the Kozarac War Camp Detainees Association, the Association of War Camp Detainees of the Banja Luka region, War Camp Detainees Association of BiH and the Association of Citizens 'Sedra'.

The surviving camp detainees, the families of the murdered camp detainees, members of the associations, once again reminded of the crimes and horrific terror committed in this concentration camp.

President of the Association of War Camp Detainees of the Banja Luka region, Mirsad Duratović, told FENA that what hurts the detainees the most is the fact that not all those responsible for these crimes have been prosecuted yet.

We don't know, he added, what the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina is waiting for.

He says that they reminded of the overall scope of the crimes that were committed in Prijedor, as well as of the 501 locations where the remains were exhumed and more than 60 final verdicts for war crimes.

"The remains were exhumed in 10 municipalities in three states, and the remains of the people of Prijedor were thrown into Sana, Una, Sava, Dunav and Vrbas rivers. Five rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina carried the remains of the people of Prijedor, which speaks of the extent of the crime. Those who created crimes and wanted to remove Bosniaks and Croats from this area did not only deport the living, but also the dead," emphasized Duratović.

According to him, this is proven by the exhumed graves - Hrastova Glavica, Sanski Most, Lisac pit in Bosanska Krupa, etc.

Duratović points out that after 30 years that have passed since the crimes committed, the culture of memory is important for those who survived, but also for future generations "it is important to introduce a culture of memory, pass on our memories to younger generations".
He notes that a certain number of books have been written and documentary films have been made, but that institutional support is necessary in order to achieve this culture of memory, "which should remain behind us".

Duratović says that building of a memorial center in Kamičani will very much contribute to the culture of memory.

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