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Prime Minister Novalić announces continuation of citizens' protection measures

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SARAJEVO, August 3 (FENA) - Pensioners in the Federation of BiH will receive a one-time financial aid of 100 KM each from the FBiH budget, in addition to their regular monthly incomes, on August 5, and beneficiaries of veterans’ benefits on August 10, in accordance with the Regulation of the Government of FBiH on the program to help the population due to inflation and rising consumer prices. 

Also, most people with disabilities and civilian victims of war will receive 100 KM this month. Only a certain number of them from this category, who receive regular benefits through centers for social work, are awaiting the completion of activities of the FBiH Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, considering the obligation that their payments are realized in cooperation with cantonal ministries and centers for social work.

378,000 pensioners, 100,000 beneficiaries of veterans' benefits, and 53,000 persons with disabilities and civilian victims of war have the right to one-time assistance of 100 KM each in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić expressed his satisfaction and gratitude to the competent services within the Government of FBiH and relevant ministries, because they made the maximum effort to ensure that veterans and disabled civilians receive this financial support as soon as possible.

“I am happy to confirm that veterans and disabled will not have to wait 60 days, and that pensioners, as we promised, will receive their 100 KM aid in addition to their July pensions on August 5. I expect that these payments will be realized as soon as possible for all categories of disabled civilians and victims of war. As I emphasized earlier, we will not stop there.

We continue to work on the adoption and implementation of measures to help our citizens, especially vulnerable categories, so that they can more easily overcome price increases and prepare for the coming fall and winter,” Prime Minister Novalić said.

In the coming period, packages of basic foodstuffs worth 500 KM each will be distributed from the commodity reserves of the FBiH to about 17,000 families in a state of social need. This part of the work is obliged to be performed by the FBiH Directorate of Commodity Reserves.

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