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HoP of FBiH Parliament adopts the Draft Law on the Protection of Civilian Victims of War

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SARAJEVO, July 28 (FENA) - The House of Peoples of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted the Draft Law on the Protection of Civilian War Victims in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and sent it to a 45-day public debate. 

"This draft law establishes the concept and status of civilian victims of war, the types and scope, conditions and procedure for realizing those rights, the purpose of payment of financial compensation, the method of financing and other issues of importance for the protection of civilian victims of war in the FBiH," stated the FBiH minister of labor and social policy Vesko Drljača.

The law defines civilian victims of war as civilians who, during the war or immediate danger of war, as a result of being wounded or some other form of war torture, suffered physical or mental damage or their health had been significantly impaired health, as well as the disappearance or death of that person.

The status is also recognized for other persons who suffered bodily damage in connection to wartime events, if they have not exercised or cannot exercise the corresponding rights according to other regulations.

"As a special category of civilian victims of war, there are persons-civilians who survived sexual abuse or rape in the same period. Also, a new category of civilian victims of war, children who were born as a result of wartime rape, is introduced into the law, which solves an extremely important humanitarian issue related to the invisibility of this population," said Drljača.

These rights, as he says, should be financed from the FBiH and cantonal budgets in the ratio of 70%-30%.

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