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Toudic: Great opportunities for cooperation between Zenica and French universities

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ZENICA, April 5 (FENA) - Ambassador of the French Republic to Bosnia and Herzegovina Christine Toudic visited the Rectorate of the University of Zenica, where she discussed cooperation between Zenica and French universities with Rector Jusuf Duraković and associates.

Toudic pointed out that her visit was also connected with the recent takeover of her country by the presidency of the European Union.

"This is my first time at UNZE and Zenica. I saw that there are great opportunities for cooperation and I am very glad about that. We talked about the possibilities of technical and scientific cooperation with French universities," said Toudic, who added that good cooperation can be achieved with universities that have a language department in the Western Balkans.

According to Toudic, UNZE will have the opportunity to send its students to French universities in exchange, which "opens up great opportunities for study" and for obtaining a good education and diplomas from French universities.

"The most important thing for students is to be well educated, and I should say that France has good universities. If students have good prospects, it will certainly have good outcome for UNZE," said Toudic.

The rector of the University of Zenica pointed out that today's meeting was an opportunity to "strengthen and deepen cooperation with certain universities in France."

"I must say that our delegation, two weeks ago, just returned from an international exchange with a university in France, where we had the mobility of our students. We have good cooperation with France, and this is an opportunity to deepen it with other universities.

We received recommendations from the ambassador with which universities we should make better cooperation," said Duraković.

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