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French Embassy: Attacks on civilians in Ukraine in the name of so-called "denazification"

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SARAJEVO, March 16 (FENA) - France points to the strategy of misinformation and confusion pursued by the Russian authorities, which aims to falsely justify illegal actions and strongly condemns the military invasion launched by Russia against Ukraine, the French Embassy in BiH said, regarding the situation in Ukraine.  

The statement said it is an invasion that is a brutal violation of international law, not a "special protection operation" "as we have recently been able to read and hear".

“The strategic goals of the Russian operation were explicitly stated by President Putin on February 23. They take place in three phases. What he calls the "liberation" of Donbas, that is, the military occupation of both Donetsk and Luhansk by force. The second goal, "demilitarization," he said, involves destroying Ukraine's military potential; and then the “denazification” phase, to use his terms. We certainly condemn the inappropriate use and abuse of terms related to denazification, but above all we must point to the attacks on civilians in Ukraine in the name of this so-called "denazification",” the French Embassy in BiH states.

They add that Vladimir Putin "clearly chose the escalation: his troops are carrying out indiscriminate strikes in urban areas, where there is an obvious risk of killing civilians, completely violating international humanitarian law."

The statement said civilian casualties were on the rise. Hospitals are targeted, as was the case in Mariupol on March 9. It is reminded that the United Nations pointed out indiscriminate attacks on civilians, and the World Health Organization pointed out attacks on hospitals. These facts cannot go unpunished and must be documented, it is added.

“That is why 39 countries, including all EU members and France, have decided to bring the current situation in Ukraine before the International Criminal Court. This is unprecedented in diplomatic history. We are pleased with the announcement by the ICC prosecutor about initiating an investigation. Unfortunately, the whole world sees what is happening: the situation is getting worse every day and we find flagrant violations of humanitarian law throughout Ukraine,” the French Embassy in BiH said.

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