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BiH and Austria sign Plan of bilateral cooperation in the field of defense

FENA Press release, Photo: Photo/BiH MoD

SARAJEVO, December 30 (FENA) - Assistant Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina of International Cooperation Zoran Šajinović and Military Envoy of the Republic of Austria to BiH Brigadier Erich Simbürger signed a Plan of Bilateral Cooperation in 2022 today at the BiH Ministry of Defense. 

This plan will regulate all issues related to joint military activities and education and training of members of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of BiH with the support of the Republic of Austria.

This time as well, the very good cooperation between the two ministries was emphasized, and the satisfaction with the education of cadets from Bosnia and Herzegovina at the prestigious Theresian Military Academy in the Republic of Austria was especially expressed.

The plan for 2022 includes a total of 33 joint activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the same number in the Republic of Austria, including the exchange of experiences at the level of experts in various areas of the defense system, said the Press Service of the BiH Ministry of Defense.

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