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Milas promises to continue supporting projects of Croat people in BiH


NEUM, June 18 (FENA) - President of HDZ BiH Dragan Čović and State Secretary of the Central State Office for Croats Abroad Zvonko Milas discussed today projects of special interest with cantonal prime ministers, mayors and municipality mayors of HDZ BiH and the involvement of higher levels of government in the implementation of these projects.
The models of realization and support of the Republic of Croatia to individual projects were also discussed.
“This is the fourth gathering of all prime ministers, mayors and municipality mayors to discuss priorities, what the problems are and to try to find solutions in the simplest and easiest way,” Milas told reporters.
According to him, there was talk of projects in the field of education, health and culture.
He pointed out that the Croatian government, by supporting the projects of the Croat people in BiH, seeks to improve the daily lives of all people living in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Projects in the land administration sector were also discussed in Neum today.
According to the director of the FBiH Administration for Geodetic and Property-Legal Affairs, Željko Obradović, these projects are not very popular in the media, but they are of vital importance for local self-government units.
They also discussed addresses in the FBiH, i.e. the project of marking all real estate with a plate with the number and name of the street.
The topic of conversation was also the Law on Construction Land in FBiH.
“We asked the municipalities for support for the adoption of the Law on Construction Land in FBiH. That is a crucial question. It has always been the municipalities that have the construction land at their disposal. In the Federation of BiH and BiH, there is a disorganized situation, an unfinished situation, because there is no law on state property at the level of BiH,” Obradović explained.
The Law on Construction Land in FBiH would solve some of these problems, he added.

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