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Coalition agreement on government formation in Srebrenica signed

Text: Kadira Šakić, FENA Photo/Archive

SREBRENICA April 13 (FENA) - Mayor of Srebrenica Mladen Grujičić, the representative of the local SNSD Radomir Pavlović and the councilors of the initiative "My Address Srebrenica" signed a coalition agreement on the formation of local government today in Srebrenica.
Head of the "My Address Srebrenica" caucus, Zulfo Salihović, told FENA that the coalition agreement obliges the two political blocs to work together and cooperate in the Municipal Assembly of Srebrenica.
“The agreement defines the distribution of positions in the executive and legislative power, and what is very important for the agreement is the specified cooperation and joint work on finding additional financial support from all levels of government. An integral part of this agreement is the Annex which was prepared and which will be signed by SDA President Bakir Izetbegović and SNSD President Milorad Dodik. That Annex refers to the provision of additional financial resources that will be intended for the economic recovery of Srebrenica,” Salihović told FENA.
The session of the Municipal Assembly of Srebrenica should be held tomorrow, at which the Deputy Mayor, the President of the Assembly and the heads of departments of the Municipal Administration of Srebrenica will be appointed.

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