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'Igman' Konjic procures protective suits, masks, Covid-19 tests

Press release

KONJIC, March 26 (FENA) - The company Igman, Konjic has procured and delivered 200 medical protective suits, 10,000 masks and significant quantities of other equipment (medical caps, gloves, coats, etc.) to the Konjic General Hospital and other health care facilities, said the Board Chairman Džemail Ćibo. 

They purchased hydro-fibrous protective suits, as well as surgical masks, made of materials that allow for multiple use, and although most of the equipment was delivered to Konjic, part of the suits and masks was also delivered to the Jablanica Hospital and 'Safet Mujić' Clinical Center in Mostar.

The company is also in the process of procuring one respirator and in addition to the above, 'Igman' has also paid money for the purchase of 3,000 coronavirus tests for the hospital in Konjic, expected to be delivered as early as March 30.