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Srebrenica produces 5-6 thousand protective masks per day

Text: Kadira Šakić, FENA Photo

SREBRENICA, March 26 (FENA) - The Municipal Emergency Protection and Rescue Staff in the municipality of Srebrenica announced they have no coronavirus cases and that there are no persons in hospital quarantine, while 96 persons are under professional supervision and in self-isolation.

The Staff performed control over 18 people in home isolation and concluded that all of them respected the self-isolation measures.

Coronavirus data (COVID-19) in the Srebrenica municipality will be updated daily in accordance with the epidemiological situation, said the Emergency Staff of Srebrenica

These days, the company "November 6" focused production on sewing disposable protective masks in the prevention of the spread of coronavirus. Thirty workers make five to six thousand masks a day, and the entire production is intended for the domestic market and one part for the needs of the institutions and companies in Srebrenica.