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Krešić: AF BiH ready for all the challenges posed by coronavirus pandemic

Text: Maja Nikolić, FENA/Photo Archive

TUZLA, March 23 (FENA) - The BiH Deputy Defense Minister for Policy and Planning, Mijo Krešić said in an interview with FENA that the BiH Armed Forces, as well as the entire BiH Ministry of Defense, have so far fulfilled all the tasks and expectations required after the declaration of a state of natural or other disaster in BiH.

"Together with all the colleagues and command of the Armed Forces of BiH, we have taken this situation very seriously and devised an implementation plan to reduce and avoid the possibility of a coronavirus infecting the members of the Armed Forces, all with the aim of being ready to respond and assist civilian structures in the suppressing the spread of this virus," said Krešić.

Members of the Armed Forces of BiH have set up and equipped tents at border crossings to accommodate those who are required to undergo the process screening and isolation following the entry into BiH in accordance with the instructions of sanitary inspectors.

"I expect that other necessary facilities will be established in addition to the tents in order to have one complete system of meeting the basic needs of those placed in the tents. We also secured a number of containers and other materials needed by health care institutions to establish triage and their other needs. The Armed Forces are also ready for much more demanding operations and support to civilian structures should the competent institutions make decisions and request such assistance," said Krešić.

He called on all citizens to be the allies of the Crisis Staffs and institutions that have committed themselves to care for the population at the time of the coronavirus epidemic. If the citizens do not strictly adhere to the prescribed measures, then the repressive system should sanction all those who violate the orders.