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'Sarajevo Winter' sending messages of peace this year as well (VIDEO)

FENA Nermina Omerbegović

SARAJEVO, February 7 (FENA) - Noise and fury bring creative reaction to the state in the world, wishing to send a message that creative force can be brought back in the real life. Real life is when people are open to one another, when there is freedom...", said Director of the Sarajevo Winter International Festival Ibrahim Spahić at the City Hall welcoming artists, patrons and friends of the Festival, which will solemnly be opened for the 35th time tonight under motto "Noise and Fury".  

Minister of Civil Affairs of BiH Adil Osmanović emphasized that the Festival is opening doors to all artists and art lovers.

Head of the UNESCO Office for BiH Siniša Šešum welcomed participants of this prestigious international festival on behalf of UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay.

"I hope that artists will produce enough noise and spread messages of peace like back in 1984 when Sarajevo Winter was born on the occasion of the Olympics," said Šešum.

Exhibition by fra Perica Vidić is displayed hall of the City Hall, where winter motives of the city and surrounding mountains dominate. Vidić said that the exhibition of 40 works is his contribution to the Festival.



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