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Džafić: Negotiations underway to reintroduce Sarajevo - Zagreb passenger train route

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SARAJEVO, September 28 (FENA) - Director of the Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Enis Džafić, said that negotiations are underway with the Railways of the entity of Republika Srpska on the establishment of a passenger route Sarajevo-Zagreb-Sarajevo via Banja Luka.

"If an agreement is not reached and the RS Railways do not express interest and give consent for that rail line to become operational, we will not be able to reopen it. On the other hand, the Croatian Railways - Passenger transport (HŽPP) has given permission for that line to reopen," explained Džafić in a statement for FENA, reminding that this train route ran until December 2016.

If the agreement is reached, as Džafić added, the first train to Zagreb should leave on December 11 this year, with the entry into force of the new timetable, and it would run daily.

For the seasonal passenger train Sarajevo-Ploče-Sarajevo, which ran from July 1 to September 11, the FBiH Railways say that there was great interest from passengers and that it has fully met their expectations.


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