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Reception on occasion ofNational Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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SARAJEVO, September 22 (FENA) – The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Osama bin Dakhil Al-Ahmad, hosted a reception in Sarajevo tonight on the occasion of the 92nd National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Addressing the dignitaries, he reminded that September 23, 1932 was the most important event in the history of his country, and that that day is celebrated as the day of unification and formation of the Kingdom. This year it is celebrated under the slogan "It is our home".

He pointed out that since that day, until today, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has achieved enormous progress in all areas of the economy, society, and especially progress has been achieved in the field of technology.

He emphasized that in recent years the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been going through a new era of progress, in almost all fields.

The Kingdom also makes an immeasurable contribution to foreign policy, and the humanitarian aid it provides throughout the world is particularly noteworthy. About 94 billion dollars have been set aside for this purpose alone.

Ambassador Al-Ahmad also pointed out that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have been linked by friendly and close ties for 30 years, and that the Kingdom was among the first countries to recognize BiH's right to independence, preservation of territorial integrity, stability of circumstances, respecting its identity represented in the peaceful coexistence of different religions and nations.

Bilateral relations between the two countries are strengthened by numerous activities, agreements, and cooperation in the fields of culture, tourism, and education.

With sincere congratulations on the occasion of the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bisera Turković, thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its selfless support and assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She recalled the continuous support and assistance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1992, and that this cooperation and support is not lagging behind to this day, but is being improved, through tourism, education, and investment in the economy.

She especially emphasized the selfless help of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the city of heroes, Goražde.

The reception was attended by BiH Minister of Security Selmo Cikotić, representatives of the diplomatic corps in BiH, religious communities, culture and social life of BiH.

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