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BiH deports group of illegal migrants from Morocco

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SARAJEVO, September 15 (FENA) – Representatives of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs carried out a successful procedure of forced removal of a new group of migrants, who were staying illegally in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These are Moroccan citizens who have committed several criminal acts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and before their removal they were placed under supervision in the Immigration Center of the Service. 

The security and escort officers of the Service for Foreigners' Affairs accompanied these persons to Morocco, where they will be handed over to the competent authorities. The forced removal was carried out by commercial flight from Sarajevo International Airport.

By continuously conducting this procedure, the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs has made a significant step forward in combating irregular migration and has once again confirmed its readiness and determination to manage migration processes in BiH as efficiently as possible.

In the coming period, activities to remove illegal migrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina will further intensify, the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs announced.

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