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Tourist packages at a price reduced by voucher value of 200 KM available as of tomorrow

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SARAJEVO, August 7 (FENA) - Tourist packages at a price reduced by the value of the voucher of 200 KM, provided by the Government of the Federation of BiH, will be available as of tomorrow through domestic platforms "eKupon", "OdmoriuBiH" and "Citydeal". 

Arijana Čengić Subašić, head of sales at eKupon, told FENA that a list of tourist packages included in the tourist vouchers program, implemented by the FBiH Government, will be available tomorrow.
“Packages can be purchased at the above mentioned platforms, and one of them is eKupon. In addition to online purchasing, citizens can also buy packages at our sales points in Sarajevo, in BBI and Robot shopping centers,” said Čengić Subašić.
She emphasizes that the conditions for purchase are that the person is at least 18 years old and has a residence in the Federation of BiH or a registered residence in the Brčko District of BiH, as well as entity citizenship of the Federation of BiH and that she/he has not previously purchased this package within the framework of this program on one of the three selected platforms.
Nedim Lipa, on behalf of the OdmoriuBiH platform, pointed out that the total number of available vouchers is 10,000, and each of the three selected electronic platforms through which this program is implemented has received 1/3 of the total number.
“The minimum price of an individual tourist package within this program is 250 KM, and the buyer must pay a minimum of 50 KM or more when purchasing, in case the price of the package is higher. For example, if the price of the package is 430 KM, the customer will be granted a discount of 200 KM in the name of the tourist voucher, and he/she must pay an additional 230 KM to complete the purchase. Also, let's say if the package option is two nights for two adults in a hotel room, there is only one buyer of that package, even though two people will be traveling and staying, and it is possible to use only one voucher at the time of purchase and reduce the total price of the package by 200 KM,” explained Lipa.
After payment of the indicated price of the package reduced by 200 KM, the customer will receive an electronic confirmation of purchase, which he/she must show when using the package.
“The sale of packages within the tourist voucher program of the FBiH Government starts on August 8 and will last until the available funds in the amount of two million KM, determined by the Decision of the FBiH Government for the tourist voucher program are used, i.e. until December 30 at the latest. The amount of two million KM is divided into three platforms,” said Najla Pihak, head of sales at "Citydeal" for FENA.


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