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SDA introduces law to systematically address the financing of returns in RS

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SARAJEVO, January 19 (FENA) – SDA caucus in the House of Representatives of the FBiH Parliament has submitted a draft law on amendments to the Law on Displaced Persons and Returnees in FBiH and Refugees from BiH.

It is a legal solution that aims at a permanent systemic solution to the issue of financing sustainable return, i.e. the completion of the implementation of Annex 7 of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

For the implementation of this law, it is planned to allocate additional funds from the FBiH Budget in the amount of 1.5 to two percent of the amount of budget revenues and receipts in the current year in FBiH, except for contributions for pension and disability insurance.

The explanation of the Draft states that the current funds provided annually in the FBiH Budget are not enough to meet the needs of displaced persons and returnees, and that allocating 1.5 to two percent of the total budget revenues and receipts would create adequate conditions for the return of displaced persons and for their reintegration into the local community.

The funds provided by this legal solution would finance the implementation of assistance programs and projects, such as reconstruction of destroyed and damaged housing, renovation and construction of infrastructure, religious, educational and sports facilities, support for employment and self-employment through small and medium enterprise development, education and training, as well as the allocation of grant funds for the development of start-up projects. 

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