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USC police have begun relocating migrants to the Lipa camp near BIhać

Text: Muhamed Sadiković, FENA Photo

BIHAĆ, April 21 (FENA) - The police of the Una-Sana Canton (USC) this morning has begun the operation of relocating migrants to a newly opened reception camp at Lipa site, located between Bihać and Bosanski Petrovac.

As announced, the police will primarily escort and transport migrants staying in abandoned facilities and on the streets of Bihać. 

Police officers are currently relocating more than a hundred people who have previously stayed at the stadium of the Jedinstvo Football Club and the nearby city promenade in Bihać.  It has also been confirmed that medical teams have been engaged that will conduct a triage when entering the Lipa camp.

Following the initiative of the Bihać City authorities and due to the need to establish additional accommodation for migrants and refugees who were stranded in different types of informal accommodation throughout the Una-Sana Canton, the emergency tent camp Lipa is ready to accommodate up to 1,000 persons following the finalization of the preparatory and construction works on site.

After the initial funding provided from the budget of the City of Bihać, the European Union and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provided financial assistance to establish an isolation camp where the migrants and refugees, who have been previously without medical care, will be attended.

This is particularly relevant because of the current situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Emergency tent camp Lipa is equipped with all necessary infrastructure to provide the beneficiaries with basic humanitarian needs in the form of accommodation, food, hygiene, sanitation and medical care.