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Jupić: 26 persons currently tested positive for Covid, number will increase

Text: Vehid Begunić, FENA Photo/Vehid Begunić

ZENICA, April 1 (FENA) - The Coronavirus Crisis Staff of the Zenica-Doboj Canton Ministry has confirmed that they have received reports of three new positive cases of Covid-19 today, increasing the number of those infected in that canton to 26, the Canton Health Minister Adnan Jupić said at a press conference today.

"The number of infected persons will surely increase in the coming period, but this is what we expected. We have slowly moved onto the second stage of this disease, as we expected, and now we are considering the third and fourth stages. We hope that we will not get to that, but if we do, we will be ready," said Jupić, who announced that more testing had begun.

The director of the Zenica Cantonal Hospital (KBZ), Rasim Skomorac, said that "the medical staff was in danger of catching the infection that entered the hospital and 45 percent of all employees, not just medical staff, were sent to self-isolation at their homes".

"We managed to solve this by internal reorganization, reducing the number of patients who need service, and in the next stage, we need to hire additional staff to be able to fulfill all the requests of the patients we receive. A number of nurses and medical workers are already being employed," said Skomorac, who added that the protection of all employees comes first and this must be taken care of.

So far, Skomorac pointed out, all patients and staff who were in contact with the infected patient are in good health.

The head of the KBZ Infectious Diseases Department, Ednan Drljević, said that three patients who recovered were discharged and that currently a total of 15 infected patients were placed in that ward and in an isolation ward.

Not all positive patients were placed in an isolation ward or ward at the KBZ because legal obstacles appeared.

Two drivers and four nurses from the Tešanj General Hospital are in isolation. He noted that there is between five and 10 percent chance of people who are in self-isolation to be positive. Drljević said that the fight against coronavirus will continue for at least two months.