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Novalić: 20,000 tests to be distributed today to the most affected areas in FBiH

Press release

SARAJEVO, March 28 (FENA) - The Federation of BiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić says 20,000 tests will be delivered today to the most affected areas in the FBiH affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

After 1,000 tests were submitted to the Sarajevo Clinical Center yesterday and 500 to Mostar, today 20,000 tests have been deployed and sent to hospitals in all the cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"The government has also ordered 150,000 additional tests, whose delivery is expected in the next few days, and they will soon be distributed throughout the FBiH. Doctors in all municipalities, with a focus on the most vulnerable areas, will have enough tests as well as other necessary medical equipment," Novalić told FENA.