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Dodik: RS to introduce state of emergency at RS NA session on Saturday

Text: Dušica Stanojević, FENA/Photo Archive

BANJA LUKA, March 26 (FENA) - Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency member Milorad Dodik announced that a special session of the Republika Srpska National Assembly will be held on Saturday, March 28, at which a state of emergency will be introduced.

"In this way, we will be able to pass faster measures that are law-bound and thus regulate some things," Dodik said in a public address.

The medical measures that have been undertaken, he says, are producing results if the citizens adhere to them. The quarantine on BiH borders reduced the number of incoming passengers to the RS from abroad.

"We have not been able to coordinate some things with the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the best possible way. FBiH is late in some regards and this will represent a potential place for the epidemic to spread. We will have to see what measures we will undertake in this regard," said the BiH Presidency member.

He announced support for the economy through a special fund and a new set of measures.