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Sarajevo Canton Assembly appoints a new cantonal government

FENA Hana Imamović

SARAJEVO, March 3 (FENA) - Deputies in the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, 18 of them, today named a new convocation of the Cantonal Government, led by Prime Minister Mario Nenadić, as a joint proposal by the new coalition majority.

The new convocation of the SC Government consists of the members of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), the Alliance for a Better Future (SBB) and the Democratic Front (DF), after the incumbent government was replaced by the will of the newly constituted assembly majority.

The SDA now has seven ministers. Justice and Administration sector will be headed by Mersa Kustura, the new Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection will be Faruk Kapidžić, Minister of Municipal Economy and Infrastructure will be Nihada Glamoč, Minister of Transport Adi Kalem, Minister of Finance Jasmin Halebić, Minister of Culture and Sports Kenan Alikadić and Minister for Veterans Affairs Hajrudin Grabovica.

The SBB will have three ministerial seats. Ismir Jusko is the new Cantonal Minister of the Interior Affairs, Anis Krivić is the Minister of Education, Science and Youth, and Jasna Agić will lead the Ministry of Labor, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees.

The Democratic Front (DF) members Rusmir Mesihović will be Minister of Health and Draško Jeličić will serve as Minister of Economy.

The very example of Jeličić has caused the most debate among MPs. Namely, Nenadić said that the government would consist of two ministers from the other nations, two from the Croat people, while the rest would be Bosniaks, but after the break he requested, Nenadić corrected himself and said that Jeličić declares himself as a member of the Serb people.

The opposition party MP (SDP BiH) Igor Stojanović said that this was a case that a minister changed his nationality during a 15-minute break, and called on the Serb caucus chairperson Smiljana Viteškić (SDA) to file the request to protect vital national interest, which she rejected.

The opposition parties in the Sarajevo Canton Assembly have raised a number of questions with the new Cantonal Government Prime Minister-designate Mario Nenadić, stressing the issue of the procedure, as they say, since the names of two of the ministers were only disclosed at the last minute.

Stojanović further stressed that the procedures for appointing a new convocation of the Government have been violated, but believes that a decision of the Constitutional Court which will decide on this issue should give a final say.

After an all-day debate, 18 MPs voted in favor, 15 opposed, while one MP abstained in the vote for the new convocation of the Sarajevo Canton Government, after which the Prime Minister and 12 ministers were sworn in.

(FENA) S. R.

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