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Sofić: No reason to panic about coronavirus but precaution measures are needed

FENA Kanita Aliagić

SARAJEVO, February 25 (FENA) - The Sarajevo Canton Health Minister Amela Sofić believes there should be no panic about the emergence of coronavirus, but that prevention and precautionary measures should be taken at all levels of government.

Responding to parliamentary questions, she said at the SC Assembly that the Cantonal Crisis Staff for the prevention of coronavirus, as a global problem, is in permanent session. The Crisis Staff gathers a all the directors of major healthcare institutions, epidemiologists, who monitor the situation. All activities are supervised by the Public Health Institute of SC.

"Citizens need to know that all persons who have connections, whether they have been in China or with citizens of China but also Italy, should not go to the first healthcare facility, but to contact on-duty epidemiological services where they will receive all the necessary instructions," she said.

Being in a crisis area, she added, does not necessarily mean the person was infected, but they must be in isolation for 15 days. If symptoms occur, an ambulance mobile team comes to your home address with specialized equipment.

Also, she said, the crisis staff isolator unit is being established at the Podhrastovi clinic, but quarantine can be set up at a school, a barracks, so it is necessary to involve all levels of government in BiH, and called on all institutions to take precautionary measures in case of emergence of the epidemic.

“We do not have any infected so far in BiH, but precaution is necessary,” she emphasized.

Healthcare institutions, she said, have enough funds to purchase a certain amount of protective equipment, but another 100,000 KM has been allocated for these purposes. The FBiH Ministry of Health has been requested to approve emergency funds for the procurement of protective equipment.

"These are all precautions, there is no reason to panic, but we must all be prepared," she concluded.

The SC Minister of Education Zineta Bogunić, regarding the students who went on a field trip in Italy, there are some 5 or 6 students who had higher body temperature, but the number is decreasing. Upon arrival in BiH, the students reported to the epidemiological service, they were fine, but they remain in home isolation as a precaution.

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