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Čelik: The process of unblocking the SC assembly continues next Tuesday

FENA Senka Trgovčević

SARAJEVO, January 17 (FENA) - Mirza Čelik, who was elected as the Speaker of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, by a new majority in the assembly, said at a press conference today that he expects an agreement to be signed at noon next Tuesday, which provides that the Deputy Speaker of the SC Assembly Smiljana Viteškić, from the ranks of the Serb people, temporarily chairs the sessions of the Assembly.

This was agreed at today's meeting held after the agreement was presented to the public, aimed at normalizing the work of the SC Assembly, and therefore making decisions that would ensure continued financing of the budget beneficiaries, that is, provision of services to the Health Insurance Institute, The Employment Institute, but also in order to make necessary decisions on the election of the assembly chairperson.

“Today, we have scheduled a meeting of all deputies in the SC Assembly and heads of caucuses to overcome the situation in the Sarajevo Canton, for the purpose of unblocking of the decision on interim financing in order to avoid total chaos in the Canton after January 31.

Since some MPs did not attend the meeting, due to the short deadline, we left the possibility to resume that meeting at 12 o'clock next Tuesday,” said Čelik.

He announced that a session would be scheduled on January 29, with a decision on interim financing of the budget of the canton and the health and employment institutes.

“At this session, we will make a decision on amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, as well as decisions on the Election and Appointments Committee so that we can unblock the process for the appointment of the new prime minister-designate. Of course, we will also determine the date for holding a session and taking a vote of no confidence for the incumbent cantonal government,” added Čelik.

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