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Zvizdić urges HNC MoI not to hinder execution of decisions of BiH institutions

Press release , Photo/BiHCoM

SARAJEVO, May 18 (FENA) - The unlawful order and outright disobeying of competent institutions committed by Ministry of Interior of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton to stop the buses with migrants right before entering Konjic municipality and not to allow them to go to the set destination at a facility in Salakovac, which is under the authority of state institutions is considered the harshest possible violation of laws and prevention of state authorities in implementing state competencies, especially due to the fact that several days ago, as well as yesterday, it was officially announced that the migrants who are staying in parks and open spaces in BiH should be accommodated in a humane manner,” said the Chairman of the Council of Ministers BiH Denis Zvizdić.

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