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Ambassador Cormack honors genocide victims in Potočari

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SREBRENICA, May 16 (FENA) - The U.S. Ambassador to BiH Maureen Cormack visited Srebrenica municipality today, honored genocide victims at the Potočari Memorial Center and met with members of association "Women of Srebrenica".

Ambassador Cormack also met with Municipal Mayor Mladen Grujčić and his deputy Nermin Alivuković and discussed current political, economic and security situation.

"We presented everything we have done. I asked for support to Srebrenica through different projects for at least two more years. If we implement everything we have planned, then we will not need some great support but we will be able to work based on our resources," said Municipal Mayor Mladen Grujičić after the meeting.

Deputy Municipal Mayor of Srebrenica Nermin Alivuković said they also talked to Ambassador about preparations for marking July 11.


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