26.10.2020. 16:40

Bregu: As of July 2021, roaming costs in the entire Western Balkans will be zero

TIRANA/SARAJEVO, October 26 (FENA) - The Third Western Balkans Digital Summit (WBDS) has been opened in Tirana today, continuing its legacy, which started at the WBDS Skopje in 2018 – the first-ever WB DS that initiated digital policy dialogue on WB digital transformation at the highest prime ministers level, followed by the DS in Belgrade in 2019 with the signing of the Regional Roaming Agreement. The WBDS in Tirana aims to drive regional cooperation on the 5G network and interoperability of data and services, attesting the region’s resilience and forward-looking orientation amidst the most challenging of contexts induced by Covid.

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