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FBiH Government allocates the highest amount of money directed to citizens this year

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SARAJEVO, November 9 (FENA) - In 2022, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina allocated the highest amount of money from the budget, which is directed to citizens. 

In the publication that presented a detailed overview of the distribution of funds from the budget of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was pointed out that this year 50 million KM was provided for family and birth support, while child benefit was provided from the budget for the first time in the amount of 103 KM per month.

The Government of the FBiH allocated 20 million KM to mitigate the consequences of price increases for interventions on the market through commodity reserves. A record 106 million KM was also set aside for agriculture, which is the largest invested amount ever.

In addition, pensions were doubled, for which an additional 102 million KM was allocated, and 239 million KM was allocated as a transfer to municipalities and cantons, while the amount allocated to municipalities and cities in FBiH was increased by six million KM.

This year, the FBiH Government provided 229 million KM for the construction of roads and highways, 75 million KM for improving the work of health institutions, and 48.2 million KM provided as an aid to refugees.

The publication also contains other data that speak about the level of allocations by the FBiH Government for the period from 2015 to 2022. One of these data is that 1.415 billion KM was invested in that period.

In the last eight years, 2.2 billion KM was set aside for veterans' benefits, while 1.2 billion KM was set aside for the disabled and civilian victims of war. The Government allocated 46 million KM for linking past services for more than five thousand workers.

In the eight years, the FBiH Government made a transfer in the amount of 400 million KM and 60 million KM for local communities to the budgets of the cantons.

For the past eight years, the FBiH Government allocated 39 million KM through 5,200 transfers to support culture and sports, of which 1,383,000 was provided for the Sarajevo Film Festival and 1.5 million KM for the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF).

Investments in the field of education and science in eight years amounted to about 57.8 million KM, for the support of preschool, primary, secondary and higher education, improvement of student standards and projects in the field of science and scientific research work.

In that period, more than 500 million KM was provided for the field of agriculture, water management and forestry, and this year's budget of the relevant ministry amounted to a record 106 million KM. FBiH Government also allocated 60 million KM to help crafts and 33 million KM to help small and medium-sized enterprises.

The publication stated that 30 million KM was allocated in 2020 to support tourism, which was the most affected sector during the coronavirus pandemic, while around 102.5 million KM was provided for health institutions during the pandemic.

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