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Podžić and Thomaidis: Greece continuously supports the reform of the defense system of BiH

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SARAJEVO, October 17 (FENA) - Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sifet Podžić, spoke today with the military attaché of the Republic of Greece, Brigadier Theocharis Thomaidis, about bilateral defense cooperation between the two defense ministries, and about other current issues.

Minister Podžić thanked for the support that the Republic of Greece continuously provides when it comes to defense system reform and integration support on Bosnia and Herzegovina's path to the EU and NATO.

Also, the minister expressed his gratitude for the support regarding the education of members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina at schools and academies in the Republic of Greece, and the learning of the Greek language in the teaching centers of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Banja Luka, stressing that traditionally friendly relations should continue.

Brigadier Thomaidis also singled out the implementation of Greek language courses in Banja Luka, whose teaching centers he visited, and met some of the members who are currently studying, about whom he expressed a very positive opinion.

"It is a great honor to see that so many people are studying the Greek language, they are honorable people, made for the role they perform in the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina," said Thomaidis.

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