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The 29th anniversary of war crime against Croats in Grabovica marked today

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MOSTAR, July 9 (FENA) - The 29th anniversary of the massacre of 33 Croat civilians who were killed by members of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on September 9, 1993, in the village of Grabovica near Jablanica, was marked with the laying of wreaths and a holy mass on Friday.

President of the Association of Croat Victims of "Grabovica 93" Josip Drežnjak said that even after 29 years since the crime, there was nothing new.

"Not a single body, not a single bone was found, and the pain of Grabovica is still there and the search is still on for more than half of the bodies of the killed civilians, mostly women and old people. Among the victims is the four-year-old Mladenka Zadro, who was killed in her mother's arms on their doorstep in Grabovica, and their bodies have also not yet been found. Is it really possible that no one knows where the bodies were buried or thrown," asked Drežnjak.

He again appealed to the institutions of this country, the court and the prosecutor's office, as well as politicians, in order to shed light on this massacre.

Among the 33 killed civilians were 17 women and a four-year-old girl, Mladenka Zadro, while the oldest victim was 87-year-old Marko Marić. Of the 33 civilians, 17 are still listed as missing, and only parts of the bodies of the majority of those killed were found.

Before the domestic courts in BiH, former members of the RBiH Army were held accountable for individual murders, but none for war crimes against the civilian population or for command responsibility.

To date, five members of the RBiH Army have been sentenced, Mustafa Hota was sentenced to nine years in prison, Enes Šakrak to ten years, while Nihad Vlahovljak, Sead Karagić and Haris Rajkić were sentenced to 13 years in prison each.

For the crime in Grabovica, the International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia acquitted Sefer Halilović, the head of the General Staff of the Supreme Command of the RBiH Army, the creator of the "Neretva '93" operation.

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